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80/20 Principle

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a lot of time for my investment portfolio?

Many individual investors have a preconceived notion that investing is enormously complex and requires enormous amounts of time. This doesn’t have to be the case . The brokerage firms and mutual funds that dominate the financial industry have nurtured this view. It is in their best interest to make you believe that investing is too hard, takes too much time, and is too risky to do on your own.  By applying Pareto’s Principle and by mirroring the activities of 80/20 Investors, less than an hour spent per week on average is sufficient to maintain your investment portfolio. You commit capital, in order to let capable people and their business models work for you. I personally have plenty of time to travel the world, collect research for my books and enjoy life. I sometimes don’t read news or watch stock tickers for days and even weeks, and neither should you.

Do I need large amounts of capital to invest?

Nowadays, you can open a simple stock or dedicated securities portfolio with an online broker with less than $1,000 and add to it on a monthly basis. Over time, while monthly savings and investment returns accumulate, your cash portfolio will grow. Trust me, it will!

Why aren’t there more 80/20 Investors -- why isn’t this form of investing more mainstream?

The first reason is that the 80/20 principle is counterintuitive among industry professionals and individual investors alike. The majority of investors wrongly believe there is a linear relationship between risk and return, work input and return output. As you have seen from this book, this is just not true.

Another reason is that it doesn’t fit into the modern world of finance and fund management, where everything needs to be complex and requires a lot of time so that high fees can be charged.

There are actually quite a few 80/20 Investors and they exist all over the world. But they usually keep a low profile, like the Chandler brothers or even Mr. Womack.

Is the 80/20 way of investing a shortcut?

Some readers might recognize a contradiction because the 80/20 principle should make our lives easier. Unfortunately, you won’t see magic returns happen just by applying the 80/20 principles. Rather, the principle is a  means of reaching your goals in the most efficient way. The process of learning and gaining experience, and, most importantly, the commitment to an 80/20 approach still requires effort from the person who applies it.

80/20 Investing is an approach that promises to focus on only the most effective tasks that bring competitive returns. It doesn’t guarantee investment success, nor does it offer an easy and fast shortcut to investment returns. Readers still must commit themselves, and, most importantly, think for themselves. Doing this requires effort and discipline.

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