50% a year on $1 million

“I think I could make you 50% a year on $1 million. No, I know I could. I guarantee that.”

Warren BuffettBerkshire Hathaway CEO

Above are the exact words Warren Buffett said in an interview. He made this extraordinary statement about managing large amounts of money in the context of how difficult it is for institutional money managers with even larger funds to outperform stock markets.

Buffett himself compounded money at more than 30% in the early years of his Buffett partnerships. At Berkshire, he would continue to achieve returns of 20% for long periods of time. Only in recent years has his performance suffered due to the enormous asset size he commands with Berkshire Hathaway. Today, he sits on more than $80 billion in cash! He has too much money and hence he will never achieve the same stellar returns again!

Do you have hundreds of millions to manage?

Nor would you have to deal with the large amounts of money giant institutional asset managers like Fidelity or BlackRock juggle (that includes the largest hedge funds).

You are most likely an individual with money to invest and you are looking for ways to let your money work for you at high returns. I have good news for you!

Very high returns on moderate amounts of capital are realistic!

The Secret of Superinvestors

Here is a man, the world’s best investor in the history of mankind, confirming that high returns of 50% or even more are doable for any individual investor.He is not alone. There is a group of investors known for consistent high returns. They are known as Superinvestors and their secret to success is rather simple!

Quality investment ideas and a high concentration of these ideas (also known as Focus Portfolio Management) generates high returns. All Superinvestors understand that their ideas are the beginning of great investment performance!

If you read about any Superinvestor in history, you will quickly find out their enormous drive to find and analyze new investment ideas. They would go as far as to change asset classes, countries and investment styles in their quest for extraordinary performance.

They understood that if you want extraordinary returns you need to do something extraordinary – very much different from the investing majority.

Their hard work and inclination to take calculated risks paid off.  They were the Superinvestors of their time!

The Dilemma

Achieving high returns requires hard work and an analytical skill set. This combination is rare among individual investors and even professionals.

The real barrier for individuals is that they have neither the time nor inclination to give their capital the attention it would require to achieve these returns.

And who can blame them? Their wealth comes from the day to day activities that made them wealthy in the first place. These are usually your successful entrepreneurs or top-income professionals, such as lawyers, doctors, or consultants.

Indeed, to split the limited time between their professions and their life-savings would be too much. And so they settle, as most of us do, for perceived “safety,” such as giant mutual funds or index funds.

In reality, these conventional options result in poor performance and limited safety, as they have so many times in the past. Today, I can see the same mind-boggling trends continue among retail investors, as each generation repeats the mistakes of their predecessors.

They seem to forget: Conventional investment methods and products are meant for the masses. Thus they produce returns worthy of masses (aka ‘The Sheep’).

You don’t need to get into a fund valued in the billions. In fact, doing so slows down your potential gains and exposes you to recurring financial disasters and consequential panic selling.

But how do you avoid the masses and still find outstanding investment opportunities? How do you achieve the returns of Superinvestors and still be one step ahead, avoid panic selling and have plenty of cash reserves?

Introducing "The Money Truffle"

Our Mission

To identify quality investment ideas that have the potential of generating superior returns with manageable financial risk.

Our Expertise

To research and vet investment opportunities that can be leveraged and used in concentrated investment portfolios.

Investing in Japan

We recommended investing in Japan in the middle of 2011 when it experienced a devastating earthquake and tsunami in the Eastern regions. Since then, the current government initiated “Abenomics” and the leading Japanese Stock Market Index NIKKEI 225 doubled from its crisis lows.

Buying oil

We recommended buying oil at $27 in 2015 when people believed that Oil was doomed. We initiated a sell recommendation when it quickly returned to $50 a barrel just 100 days later – A return of more than 90% in just 100 days.

Deutsche Bank

We recommended Deutsche Bank in 2016 after the market believed it would go the way of the Dodo. We recommended it at an average price of €12.- Only six months later Deutsche Bank would trade at €18.- Gain: 50% in 6 months.


We recommended Volkswagen after it dropped more than 50% from peak prices and short-sellers talked about pending bankruptcy. We recommended it at €95.- and recommended to sell at €130.- just seven months later. Return = 37% for a 7 month holding period.

Minoan Group PLC

We recommended a Greek Micro Cap company called Minoan Group PLC twice when it temporarily dropped below 6 pence only to shoot up to over 10 pence within weeks. We did this TWICE! Minoan Group PLC is a shell company with only cash on the balance sheet trading at a deep discount – a classic NetNet Graham Value Investment Idea.

We research and recommend Special situations.

These are arbitrage opportunities known as work-out situations.

Arbitrage opportunities arise from corporate sellouts, reorganizations, mergers, spin-offs, and hostile takeovers.

We monitor price differential of these corporate events and strike when the spreads are juicy and the odds in our favor.

Many institutional investors are either too large, ignorant or simply not interested in these profit opportunities. For us, a fertile ground to tune our investment returns.

In the past, we recommended several special situations opportunities generating 30%+ annualized returns.

Again, we don’t recommend just any corporate event. If the spreads are too tight or the odds too unfavorable, we stay away!

The key to our success is the discipline to be very selective.


Our Secret?

We do what generations of Superinvestors have been doing to generate returns of 50% annually. We look for high return potential and we know where and what to look for. We focus on the 20% that generate 80% of the outcome.

Superinvestor Returns

We search for ideas in the tradition of past and current SuperInvestors.

80/20 Principle Efficiency

We have a laser focus on ideas that tick all our requirements by optimizing our research process and sources of ideas.

Superior Investment Ideas

The results are our best investment ideas that promise superior returns with optimal risk and liquidity management.

How much does the Money Truffle cost?

Typically, high-end, niche investment services like the 80/20 SuperInvestor costs anywhere from $2,000 to $5,000 per year.

If you consider the superior returns you can generate with a superior product, that’s a very fair price to pay, especially with a small to medium portfolio size.

To make your decision easier, I would like to offer you incredible value for the money you pay.

For a limited time only we offer The Money Truffle for Just  $997 per year

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