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"Most of our subscribers are, like us, entrepreneurs who created their wealth through creating and owning businesses rather than trading mindlessly. Like them focus your efforts on operational investments (cash engines) with strong cash flow characteristics. Engage in financial securities or currency trading only opportunistically and only when you feel you have a clear edge.”

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The Hog's View for 2018

The Hog’s View for 2018 [Forecasts]

2017 was an awesome year for punters and investors alike - by all accounts. Stock prices reached new record highs, real estate prices are up…
Vanguard by artofjokinen
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How Vanguard redefines Emerging Markets Investing

In the competitive world of retail and institutional money management, no other company has made a bigger impact than Vanguard. It’s one the of the…
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8020 investing

The 8 Rules of 80/20 Investing

In this article, I have summed up the essence of 80/20 investing. It all leads back to operating from a position of financial strength and…

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Ep32: Nathan Rose, Our New Co-Host

Introducing our new Podcast Co-host: Nathan Rose. As you know from episode 7, Nathan is an expert on equity crowdfunding, but he has added a new…

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The Weekly Truffle Report: Syria, oil and nervous investors

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