Everything you need to know about investing education, financial markets and famous investors. We offer inspirational interviews with enterprising entrepreneurs and fellow 80/20 investors. 

8020Investors.com provides an investment research blog and podcast for individual investors with an entrepreneurial mindset. We provide sophisticated investment research and investment advice covering the entire spectrum of financial markets and economic research applying an 80/20 Investing Strategy.

Our mission is to help clients make smarter and more profitable investment decisions. Our strengths lie in bottom-up fundamental research and a strong network, particularly in emerging markets research and wealth management research. Our edge is our independence, speed, and macro-political research capabilities covering a wide range of industries.

Our unique skill sets and hedge fund management experience allow us not only to identify outstanding opportunities in emerging markets and Japanese equities but also to be a short-selling expert when investors get carried away with the next “new, new thing”. Join the authors and contributors on their journey to explore the world of global investment opportunities.

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is an investment analyst, journalist and wealth management expert. He specializes in the inconsistencies and psychological basis of the modern financial landscape.  David is the founder of 8020investors.com, a blog that covers topics on investment education, wealth management, and global financial markets.  

He is the bestselling author of The 80/20 Investor and Index Funds & ETFs. He is the Managing Director at Hersey Shiga Global, and accredited Formula 1 journalist.


David acquired his insights through experiences in the field of investment research and asset management both for institutional and hedge fund money management.  David bought his first stock in 1994 at age 18. He subsequently trained as a commercial banker in Germany and studied finance in London and Tokyo.  David’s worked both as a research analyst on the buy- and sell-side. In 2005, he co-founded two hedge funds with a Long/Short Equities strategy, working in Tokyo and Singapore. In his free time, David likes to hit (and get hit at) his local boxing gym or chase the F1 circuit around the world interviewing the Rich & Famous.

Since August 2019, 80/20 Investors is part of Hersey Shiga Media, a publishing and media investment group based in Tokyo, Japan. David Schneider took over the role of CEO and President at Hersey Shiga Global from legendary journalist and society columnist Bill Hersey, who passed away in March 2018.
As such, David’s mission is to connect Japan with the rest of the world and explore global investment opportunities with a focus on media, film, and global entertainment industry.

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