In this episode, we discuss the different roads to real wealth. Is the traditional way the solution, such a getting a high paying job, save a portion for retirement and put most of it into mutual funds? Or are their better ways to wealth, fortune and financial freedom?

From the previous episodes, you should be aware that retirement concerns are on many people’s mind. You might also be aware, that high paying jobs are not a guarantee to financial freedom if you can’t adjust your spending. Proponents, such as Cardone even despise the traditional route of putting your money into traditional 401(k) plans. Yet, others seem to attain financial freedom at an early stage, by establishing businesses. Those who sell their businesses at favorable prices gain a cash windfall, but are faced with new challenges – what to do with the money?

But is entrepreneurship, establishing businesses and managing them for everyone? Or shall we just put our savings into the stock markets? After all, most of the leading brands and companies are public companies and achieve outstanding returns.



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