Investment Book for 80/20 Investors

Fortunes & Blunders Book Cover

Fortunes & Blunders

By analyzing their successes and failures, David Schneider summarizes the important lessons you can apply to your financial well-being. By learning from some of the most famous people in their fields, you, too, can improve your own wealth.

the death of retirement

The traditional approach to retirement investing is dead. You want limited risk and great upside. You want to see results now, rather than in 30 or 40 years. You want to solve the retirement riddle. Congratulations. You’ve come to the right place.

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Index funds & etfs

Discover how to make Index Funds and ETFs work for you without falling into the usual traps. It takes into account the history, structuring, and theorizing behind index funds and ETFs, and lay bare the inner working of its profitable industry.

80/20 Investor Book Cover

The 80/20 investor

This book is for all people who are unsatisfied with their own work-intensive and at times very complex investment strategies. It’s for individual investors and entrepreneurs who have day jobs and businesses to take care of.

Modern investing

Modern Investing – Gambling in Disguise is an indispensable guide to becoming an independent investor, rather than giving in to forces that regularly turn us into gamblers or speculators.