Michael is the Founder of Evertrue Ventures an accelerator program for Brown University Alumni and is also an Angel investor. Michael has a keen eye for finding companies. He gives us insight on how to find the best private investing deals.

Topics Covered:

Why it’s better to make the right/slow choice on an investment opportunity rather than the rapid choice.

5 questions you should ask any startup or company before giving a private investment.

With the current economic cycle, is this a good time for private investing?

Snap Chat (SNAP)  IPO and their business model and product diversification.


“you should invest in companies where you could give more than just a check, you should be able to actually help them move their revenue.”

“the greatest startups tend to be countercyclical”

Snapchat has a few products up their sleeve that will blow the market open”

You can find more information about Michael and his projects by visiting www.evertrueventures.com www.underground.community 

Interview Locations: Tokyo, Japan, Dallas, TX and New York City, NY


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