1) HOW to get money to invest, i.e. how to establish my first cash engine?

The conventional thinking about investing is: We need money to invest. The correct question would be: How to invest in your own cash engine so that I can generate excess cash to invest? Investing starts early on, what job and career path you choose.

2) HOW to invest all my money after I have a smooth running cash engine?

It seems to be an issue only a few might have, but it causes stress nevertheless (even sleepless nights). Ironically, those who are faced with this challenge, know the answer to that question, though unaware of it. Consider this: How did they come to money in the first place, if not through rigorous work and investing?

In this podcast, we will research and discuss both challenges by offering three types of podcast episodes:

  • Discussions of the latest financial market trends and news
  • Case studies of individuals with the specific challenges of setting up a cash engine or investing their excess cash
  • Interviews with experts in their respective fields, ranging from financial professionals to biotech experts and beyond.



On our mission to tackle all questions of money and investing, the 80/20 principle will be our guiding beacon, to bring you solutions that anyone can relate to and implement in their daily lives.



Like many parts of our daily lives and business reality, investing has become more global and more inter-connected with world markets. We believe in “on the ground” research, so we travel the world and bring you news, research, and investing insights straight from the source. Nomadic Investor provides country reports and interviews around the world.


If you want to be part of the show, contact us via mail or leave us a voice message.


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