Today, we interview John Cavendish, another 80/20 Investor. Compared to Stefan Klumpp he seems to have a more controlled and systematic approach to investing. In his own words: “cold and calculating!

He is extremely risk-averse, yet he takes concentrated bets if he feels the odds are in his favor. Through this approach, he has created a cash flow platform that generates a 7 figure in sales. He is on a trajectory path that will see him create multiple business cash flows that in turn will finance his real estate projects. Most likely he will join other Brits in Monaco and the South of France, who have either vacation homes or several real estate properties living the good life. But contrary to prior generations, he is already living the good life with a unique lifestyle set up. Listen to his story!

Short Bio

  • Worked a white-collar desk job only three years ago
  • Started contracting to increase income while managing his spending habits
  • Started an online business on the side
  • Experimented and found his niche
  • His business took off and he quit his day job
  • Full-time business owner and entrepreneur since September 2015

New Business Project

  • Many friends had asked how to “do amazon” in Europe,
  • With a friend of  his, he put together a course to rapidly grow an existing Amazon platform in Europe
  • The course targets sellers who already know how Amazon works, but want to grow rapidly.

Private Asset Allocation & Investing

  • Amazon Business: Primary Cash Engine
  • Real Estate: Slowly working on this, but as my cash has accumulated my thinking has switched away from retail investing. As people are competing for diminishing returns.
  • Cash Reserves: Always trying new ideas; waiting for the outstanding opportunities he understands and can assess properly.


As an Investor: Cold and calculating!



  • He has been traveling extensively, some for business, most for pleasure.
  • On his trips, he is continuously expanding his network of like-minded business owners and digital nomads.
  • Currently, he is based in Saigon renting out an amazing apartment with an awesome view

John early on understood that he didn’t want to spend all day in an office. Hence, he chose an unconventional approach, that will assure him an unconventional lifestyle – unique to only a few. For that he was willing to take risks, he understood and was willing to shoulder.  So far, he has been rewarded mightily and he seems to be gathering steam – towards his own empire.


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