Welcome to another episode of the 80/20 Investing Show.

This episode was recorded almost exactly a year ago. My apologies for this blatant delay, but the reason (as you will hear in the recording) was a technical issue I haven’t been able to solve until fairly recently. Nevertheless, the content and the wisdom that Reinder can teach us is timeless – Enjoy!

Ep42 Reinder de Vries

Ep42 Reinder de Vries – Location independent entrepreneur

The fastest path to wealth is investing in entrepreneurship. Creating cash engines – or cash flow generating assets rather than buying someone else’s. Entrepreneurial investors – enterprising investors – take more risks, but they are aware of it and try to reduce it as much as they can. The result is more control, over their lives, their activities and with whom they want to work with.

Reinder de Vries is a freelance app developer and founder of LearnAppMaking.com. Since 2009 he’s built 50+ apps for iOS and Android, and his code is used by millions of people all over the globe. Reinder enjoys good coffee, reading, and can’t live without a super fast internet connection.

Episode Agenda

Part I

  • Background – starting out – acquiring the skills to develop
  • Growth – cash flow returns
  • Investing time and money into your business platform
  • Highest returns and least risk

Part II

  • Economics of investing into apps – comparable to book projects
    • Games vs productivity
    • Circle of competence – creates a margin of safety
  • Current trends in the app markets at the end of 2017.
    • More competitive, less profitable – candy crush, angry birds
    • Duration/ the shelf life of an app
  • How do you make an investment decision in your field
  • Advice for young developers or those who aim for jobs in this industry

Part III

  • Evolution: selling your business platform – selling your apps
  • Stay within your circle of competence
  • Diversifying into other assets – real estate, stock portfolio or even cryptocurrencies?
  • Closing remarks and some more advice

Reinder, thank you very much for coming to our show and I hope to catch up on your personal progress.

This concludes another episode of the 80/20 Investing Show, an investment podcast for entrepreneurial investors. My name is David Woo Schneider – Thank you for listening.



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