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Ep31: Bruce Miller on Retirement – Part II

Bruce Miller Podcast

In my last interview with BruceBruce Miller, we discussed the possibilities of structuring your securities portfolio for income only. High dividend yields, or high-interest income from corporate or sovereign bonds – rather than searching for or speculating on capital gains.

The good news is, it’s possible to do it on your own if you are willing to study the subject, and spend time on searching for these high yielding securities.

Alternatively, you could also ask a professional investment manager or advisor to do it for you.
The downside is, of course, lower yields due to fees paid for advisory services.

The Death of Retirement

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In this episode, I talk with Bruce about retirement in the US and how we could encourage younger generations to start saving early.  A topic very dear to me and discussed exclusively in my last book ‘The Death of Retirement’ – Enjoy!

Part II: Retirement Investing in the USA today

Part II will be part of another episode on retirement investing in the USA.


Retirement Investing for Income ONLY: How to Invest for Reliable Income in Retirement ONLY from Dividends

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