Miles is one of the best investors out there. He and his equally talented wife Melanie are the new SuperInvestors, far outperforming any professional money manager. His annualized returns on invested capital, as measured from 2009 to today are very high double-digit figures. Combined with consistently high savings rates they achieved financial freedom in a record time. Granted we are not comparing apples to apples, but at the end of the day, it’s the money in your pockets that counts. Today, Miles and Melanie travel the world, attend conferences and are popular guest speakers and presenters.  In this episode, we will discuss how Melanie and Miles Beckler have achieved a dream of many and why they belong to a new generation of role models.

Background Info

Miles Beckler and his wife Melanie provide online information products, meditations and spiritual development courses. They have optimized their cash flow platform where Miles has enough time to stay on the cutting edge of digital marketing while his wife Melanie brings technical and organizational talent to the team. Both are incredibly driven entrepreneurs. Together they own Ask Angels and The Angel Solution as well as other business interests. The have been traveling long term since 2013.


Show Notes Timeline

Phase I – The Earning Phase

  • Fresh beginning in 2009
  • The right environment and the right mindset
  • Developing the right skill set without any formal training
  • They lead a frugal lifestyle without giving up on things they are passionate about
  • The result of Phase I is financial freedom since early 2014
  • Both keep a mindset to be active beyond any retirement age

Phase II – The Diversification Phase

  • Miles and Melanie have been working on their diversification phase early on
  • They consider their Social Security and 401(k) contributions as the very last financial defense.
  • Miles is an avid learner of financial markets and financial literature and has developed his own investment approach over time
  • He is risk averse and has thought of the defenses first
  • A small part of his investment portfolio is invested in high payout bets to achieve and asymmetric risk/reward scenarios
  • The results today: a diversified financial platform with plenty of cash to invest for future growth.
  • They operate on a basis of financial strength and it’s unlikely that they will ever be forced into financial decisions they would regret.

The Rewards – Financial Freedom and LILD

  • Location independent lifestyle design (LILD): Miles and Melanie have their own interpretation of this concept. They travel frequently, pursue lots of nature activities and they still operate their business platforms.
  • Added benefit: They are able to stay in touch with good friends and business contacts wherever they travel
  • They lead a lifestyle very different from those of their parents or grandparents because they can.
  • Today, they are the new role models for generations to come.


Miles mentioned some background info about retirees from 1926 surviving the crash of 29 based on the 4% rule…
Here is a link to more info:

Also mentioned: Trinity Study Methodology
Section it looks at how that plays out and you will see how well a portfolio that started drawing on in 26 performed… And it was quite well.



The Superinvestors of Graham-and-Doddsville: Reference to a speech Warren Buffett gave at Columbia University in 1984.

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