Michaela Light is the author of the Amazon Best Seller Intuitive Leadership Mastery and host of the Intuitive Leadership Mastery podcast.

Michaela is foremost a location independent entrepreneur with formidable investment skills gained over many years of investing in herself and other businesses. She is one of the most generous and open-minded people I know. Listen to this episode as Michaela shares her insight on developing an intuitive mindset to lead a better and more balanced live that can help you in your investment decisions.

Topics Discussed

  • How to develop use your intuition to make investment decisions
  • International Asset Allocation and risk diversification
  • Sovereign risks and how to protect yourself
  • The importance of investing in yourself, health and community
  • The value of establishing businesses
  • Intuitive investment decisions


ILM mission

We help entrepreneurs and business leaders improve their biz intuition and use it openly in their companies. So they can make more money, have less stress and more joy. I believe that leaders who use their intuition more will make less stupid biz decisions that hurt other people or the planet.

Michaela Light’s Recent Publication

Michaela Light's BookWhat Would It Take?: Crush Craziness, Change and Chaos to Double Your Profits and Halve Stress 

From the Book Cover:

How is this book different than my last one? This book focuses on WWIT and is written for people newer to using intuition at work. Such as many entrepreneurs and business leaders. My first book, Intuitive Leadership Mastery, contains 15 other tools and is written for those more open to using intuition already.

“I rely far more on gut instinct than researching huge amounts of statistics.” – Richard Branson, CEO Virgin Group

Top business people “listen to their gut” to succeed faster. But how do you learn and improve your intuition in hours rather than decades?


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