Steve Scott is an Amazon bestselling author with over 60 self-published books on habits, productivity, and entrepreneurship. He’s built a consistent six-figure income as an author. He’s also the founder of the site Develop Good Habits – known as the @habitsguy. 

The Habits Guy

He is a legend on Amazon Kindle and according to James Altucher is “crushing” it on Amazon. He is currently the #1 bestselling author in the Business and Investing section outranking authors such as Michael Lewis or Ramit Sethi. His latest book Habit Stacking made it into the Wall Street Journal Bestseller rankings.

He has built his publishing empire from scratch, with very little financial resources and in a record time. Today, it throws off cash that allows him a comfortable way of life and that powers all his investment projects. Hint: It’s not stocks or mutual funds (index funds); he can do much better than that.

We consider STEVE a super investor; an 80/20 investor. In this episode, we will discuss why and how he avoids making the usual mistakes when it comes to investing the conventional way.

Key Takeaway:

  • A vital key skill to his publishing success
  • List building and business strategy
  • Why he is proponent of the 80/20 Principle to business development and investing
  • Conservative investing and achieving higher and less risky returns
  • Leading a balanced life in a new environment



  • Podcast:
  • Amazon Link to new book: Habit Stacking


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